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our story 

Kina Cosmetics was founded in 2014 by a team of industry veterans passionate about beauty and skincare. We wanted to address certain gaps and disconnects we had discovered first hand within the stateside K-Beauty buying experience. Despite the growing interest in Korean beauty within the U.S., we found that even as Koreans, it was difficult to: 
  1. Discover new brands and products without scouring a multitude of sites.
  2. Learn more about a particular product due to the lack of translations and information. 
  3. Stay on top of trends when existing U.S. K-Beauty retailers were often one step behind.
  4. Find quality products without severely marked up price tags compared to the SRPs found in Korea, OR exorbitant international shipping costs
Kina Cosmetics is our solution to all-of-the above. We bring together amazing products that we've made from scratch, along with some of our curated favorites in partnership with some of our favorite manufacturers based in Korea. Our adapted vertically integrated business model means that we're bringing all of our items (both developed and curated) factory direct. This means we're passing those savings along to you so that our valued customers get the best possible prices for high-quality beauty essentials from 🇰🇷

we're obsessed. why you should be too.

Korean beauty brands, products, and trends have gained great traction in the States, and for us, there's no question why. If you're new to the realm of K-Beauty, here's our take on why you should take the plunge!

  • An Emphasis on Skincare: South Koreans are on a daily, culture driven pursuit of good skin. Porcelain, poreless, perfect skin is the upheld standard of beauty. Therefore, the K-Beauty market is driven by this philosophy and even implements it into color cosmetics which emphasize skin-first formulas.
  • Rooted in R&D: South Korea hails as one of the forefront innovators in the tech industry. This same passion for "what's new" drives the innovation of the beauty industry. Manufacturers are always on the hunt for the next big advancement in product development. 
  • Unique Skin Loving Ingredients: Korean beauty brands often harness the goodness of the ingredients found in the country's natural environment that are sometimes exclusive to the flora of South Korea. Here at Kina, we personally love the abundance of botanicals that can be sourced from Jeju Island.
  • A Competitive Market = Low Prices: With an endless supply of manufacturers and brands, the very competitiveness that drives the innovation of the industry, also contributes to the fact that consumers can find high quality products at attractive price points. #FTW

    the infamous 10 step skincare routine.

    The 10 step Korean skincare routine has gained notoriety for being too "extra" for the average human being. Ten steps sounds does sound daunting at first, but we're here to show you that it's absolutely not. PLUS - all of these steps are not required every single day. You'll find that our products fit seamlessly into whatever routine you design for yourself. #GoodSkinVibes takes time, practice, and dedication, but the end results are totally worth it!


     1. Makeup Remover: Part one of a two-step cleanse. It's important to use a wipe, micellar water, or oil-based cleanser to remove all traces of makeup and impurities from your skin.


     2. Cleanser: The 2nd part of your cleanse. Use a water-based cleanser, or your favorite foaming cleanser (we're experts at this - click here!) to remove remaining residue without stripping skin. 


     3. Exfoliater: Exfoliating 2-3 times a week delivers smooth, polished skin. Removing dead skin cells ensures the rest of your skincare products absorb optimally. 


     4. Toner: Toning ensures your skin has its first drink of hydration before the rest of your routine. It's also essential for balancing your skin's natural pH.


     5. Essence: (halfway there!) Essences are a less concentrated and more fluid version of a serum. They're designed to add another layer of hydration & benefits before your serum.


     6. Serum / Ampoule: Formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients which are designed to provide targeted treatment to skin.


     7. Sheet Mask: We're really good at this one - click here! Designed to rest on top of the skin and deliver the targeted benefits found in a serum or essence. We like keeping different ones in our arsenal! 


     8. Eye Cream: Goodbye fine lines, dryness, and puffiness. Pat it in!


     9. Moisturizer: Designed to add another layer of hydration and locks in all the hard work you just applied. 


     10. SPF or Night Cream: Depending on the time of day, you'll want to either use a sunscreen or a rich night cream to finish off your skincare routine. 


    Still confused?  We like this thoughtful and thorough breakdown courtesy of Cosmopolitan. Click here to read more!